Carl E. Reid, Social Media Consultant

Business or personal social media marketing and branding is a must for survival in these awesome economic times. The key is being where your target market hangs out. Develop reciprocal relationships through online and offline networking. Then meet customers / clients at their needs.

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool. Whether you are a career professional or business owner, making Twitter the center of your marketing platform is a very smart move. It will also be a profitable move. As you you see in Joe Pollish's video below, even people with cleaning businesses can exponentially expand their business profits.

Just like Oprah, anyone can get a bazillion followers. The key to
Twitter is setting up your account to attract "targeted" Twitter followers that have common interests in your space. Think about it. The reason Oprah has 2 million+ followers is she covers issues which have mass appeal and impact to millions of people around the world. Thank you Oprah for what you do in providing information opportunities that makes each of us a better person.

For your industry space you can also set up
Twitter to attract "targeted" followers. Time Magazine reported Brian Ward used Twitter to acquire a new job 11 days after losing his job. You can read many articles about success stories of people using Twitter. The articles tell "what was is accomplished as an end result". The articles do not show the reader "how to" achieve results. With people already on so many social networks, the important question is "where do I find the time to be on Twitter?".

To acquire "targeted" followers it takes time to look for Twitter conversations in your common space. Once you identify people, you visit their Twitter page. Then you follow the person. Now that's a lot of work and takes time most people do not have. In addition, you
blog and you're on Facebook too.

What's a person to do to leverage all the social media tools to market their skills, products or services? Wouldn't it be nice to press the publish button on your blog. Then your article gets distributed to your
Twitter and Facebook accounts. There is a way to accomplish this 1 click marketing.

There is a highly recommended webinar that teaches you how to set it and forget with your
Twitter account. Then you only have to spend 15 minutes twice a week on your Twitter account. The webinar is titled "Tweet Your Way to Targeted Jobs or Business Opportunities Using Twitter". Don't take my word for it. Click here to read what previous webinar attendees said.

Oprah on Twitter - Joe Polish Blogs on How This Can Grow Your Business